Donations to CCAECI – General Terms and Conditions

Article 1. Definitions

Donation:any asset, including any monetary amount, gifted by a Donor to Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative, by means of electronic authorisation through the website of CCAECI or otherwise.
Donor:a natural or legal person who donates, has donated or will donate a Donation to CCAECI
Goal: CCAECI is committed to developing initiatives and policies for the reduction of environmental pollution.
CCAECI: Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative is established under the laws of Nigeria, under the CORPORATE AFFAIRS COMMISSION, (Established Under the Companies and Allied Matters Act 1, 1990), Plot 420 Tigirs Crescent, Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama Abuja.

Article 2. Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions apply to every Donation.
By making a Donation, the Donor agrees with these General Terms and Conditions.
CCAECI uses the personal data of each Donor to process its Donation. The Privacy and Cookie notice of CCAECI applies to the processing of this personal data by CCAECI

Article 3. Donations

By making a Donation, a Donor agrees that CCAECI and any and all (future) subsidiaries and/or affiliates of  CCAECI are entitled to use a Donation at their own discretion, within the scope of the Goal and the articles of association of CCAECI.
A Donation is irrevocable.
CCAECI will provide any Donor with a donation certificate upon request by the Donor.

Article 4. Final provisions

The district court of Lagos has exclusive jurisdiction to judge all disputes which arise between CCAECI and a Donor concerning a Donation.
Nigeria law applies to a Donation and these general terms and conditions.
Thank you for supporting CCAECI and helping us to rid the environment of pollution. If you have any questions or requests regarding a Donation please do not hesitate to contact us. CCAECI will do its utmost best to handle any questions or requests in a satisfactory manner.



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Foundation Details

Name of Organization

Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative

Registered by:

Corporate Affair Commission Federal Republic of Nigeria
CAC/IT/NO 79888

Contact Information

Postal Address Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative.
 Telephone  +2348028419123


Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative is to help communities affected by Environmental Pollution to secure adequate protection and health support to enhance their lives. To research in policy review framework and implementation programs of our Environment.

Also, CCAECI develops technologies to prevent, extract and intercept environmental pollution. CCAECI’s goal is to fuel the world’s fight against environmental pollution and sustainability

Currently, most initiatives to combat environmental pollution have been undertaken on a small scale, where the order of priorities has been as follows: first focus on environmental law/ prevention, then look at infrastructural, emission, etc techniques, and finally, in the distant future, clean up what is already trapped in the environment.

Remuneration Policy

The members of the Supervisory Board are not entitled to any remuneration. They are, however, entitled to ask for reimbursement of reasonable costs (like travel expenses).
The Remuneration Policy for executive management and employees is under review. Until a revised policy has been agreed, the current situation of ‘way below market rates remuneration’ continues. Intrinsic motivation to work on our ambitious and meaningful goal is, and will continue to be, the major factor driving people to join the organization.