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On behalf of the Members and Board of Directors of Clean Climate and Environment Campaign Initiative (CAC/IT/79888), a non-profit organization based in ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria. Promoting environmental protection and public awareness through advocacy, etc.

However, due to the urgent global crisis ‘COVID-19 pandemic’, our organization has swiftly make adjustment to respond to the crisis, accommodate the different and additional needs to combat this threat, while coping with restrictions on travel, lockdown requirement and health concerns.

Humanity across the global is facing an unrepresented health challenge. What started as a small health problem with less general concern has now metamorphous to the extent of bringing to a halt work, education, business, and the global economy affecting communities, families, individuals, institutions, government, etc.

As COSs defending civil society, democratic rights, and our fundamental freedoms can be difficulty, let alone having to do it while under ‘lockdown’ practicing social distance in the midst of global health crisis spreading fast across the global.

In time like these, solidarity and social compassion play the most important role. CCAECI is ready to help connect and inform the coalition and civil society during this time, CCAECI will be collecting information, resources, and support to share. Why? Because, COVID-19 is dominating and we want to contribute to win the battle over the coronavirus. And we want to support doctors and nurses to stay safe, give humanitarian support, and save the lives of the ill etc.

In the midst of the ongoing health crisis, as stakeholders, CCAECI urgently need your brightest ideas, your networks and power to bring people together. To help us innovate our way through the challenge. Never have we been so in need of cross-sector collaboration, harnessing our respective areas of expertise and capacities across the private sector, government, and civil society etc.

CCAECI Forum’s COVID-19 Action Platform provides us with this opportunity for collaboration and a rapid mobilization and sharing of innovative ideas and identification of creative solutions against COVID-19. It is important for us and essential that stakeholders like you are not overlooked in the rush to address pressing health and economic issues closer to us.


1. Purchase 500 Hundred face masks and other materials the health workers need to protect themselves from the virus and deliver then across all the states in Nigeria and West Africa countries.
2. Purchase Hundreds of thousands of bottle of water and send them to the Hospital for the ill and the health professionals to drinks safely.
3. Purchase of 2 Ambulances.
4. Help finance Health/Research institutions that are working hard, in very difficult circumstances to stop the COVID-19 and take care of the ill, sending them prompt and targeted economic aid.
5. Help support the families of doctors or health workers who during the COVID-19 might suffer loss of life, including journalists and others.

6. Be observant and launch campaign to denounce false information on COVID-19, etc. ‘Fear is compounded by ignorance’. Proving the right information.
7. Purchase 10 ventilators and help connect health seekers to doctors with cases not related to COVID-19.
8. To create protective financial mechanism to address urgent needs, and to evolve and adapt as those needs and context change. E.g. Training volunteers, staffs, educate people on how to stop the spread of the disease.
9. Establishing a COVID-19 response investment and vehicles, which CCAECI can use for disbursements, etc.
10.Called for increased civil society and private sectors participation and partnership.
11. Suggests, make recommendation of ways to manage/transport COVID-19 wastes generally.
12.To address general shortage/supply challenges during and after this crisis.
13. To assemble a Post COVID-19 Team of experts.
14. Purchase 10 Laptops for communication, to records data etc.
15.To promote a concept of unlocking human potentials while on lockdown. Time is of Essence.
‘We can make Happiness out of the Happenings’ Late Bishop Benson Idahosa.

Please, you can make a small donation in, to enable us go to battle against COVID-19 and save lives of innocent people?
Our Banks Details:
Account Name:         Clean Climate&ENVT.CAMP.INI
Account Number:    0240891717
Bank:                          GTBANK, Lagos, Nigeria.

1. To ensure states or individuals do not abuse emergency measures to suppress human rights/violates it.
2. To help distribute materials to citizens.
3. To help monitor, prepare day-to-day data of the impact of the COVID-19 on the social life of citizens during and after the pandemic, etc.
4. To help government trace possible COVID-19 patients and report any suspected case or persons in hiding.
5. To help raise funds for the organization.
6. To help monitor CCAECI COVID-19 COMMITTEE TEAM.
7. To help form a Group of POST COVID-19 THINKERS.
8. To provide solutions and support as they emerge daily.
9. To give a comprehensive report of all donations/loans/grants received by the Federal Government of Nigeria such as the 500BN COVID-19 STIMULUS, to guarantee transparency and accountability to the donors and the general citizens.
10.To help raise questions/answers on COVID-19 etc.
11.To help prevent public disorder.
12.To help prepare and prevent famine and support for farmers, etc.

                                         WHO CAN VOLUNTEER?
NOTE: Not everyone can volunteer physically, why? Because of the high risk involved. Signing up as volunteer is consenting to putting your life at risk to save others. Volunteers are needed across the federation to sign up. While others volunteers can sign up from home and still be part of us.

1.  Retired Doctors/Nurses/Health workers.
2. Civil Society Organizations.
3. Lab. Scientist/Technicians.
4. Undergraduate Students and Graduate.
5. Drivers.
6. Bakers.
7. Journalist, Freelancer, Editors, Writers, Photography.
8. Web designer, etc.

Voluntary is an opportunity which could help to find a new and better ways to tackle global
challenges together. This has never been more needed than now. THANK YOU!

CCAECI will be updating this page often as this challenge unfolds and as new information is
received. You can also contribute with useful information by contacting us at

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