clifford ceoToday, we are facing global environmental and technological changes as great as or even greater than those ever faced before. But one thing is for certain, there are environmental changes ahead that are beyond our reality. What would the future bring?
We have fundamental choices now by preparing, protecting, getting educated and awakening your own and your children’s environmental rights and ecological thinking.

what we are all about

 CLEAN CLIMATE AND ENVIRONMENT CAMPAIGN INITIATIVE, we are committed in taking responsibility/promoting         sustainable action in today world. Across the globe meeting needs, solving challenges are prime factor for a better state.

  It makes sense, if we individually and collectively take the responsibility in promoting sustainable action as everybody    business.
  In our today world, the most dangerous and constant threat to the Earth is environmental pollution.
 The pace at which the earth  is been exposed to hazardous pollutants and chemicals from different sources on daily     bases such as ,Industries,  vehicles emission and basic human activities (like cooking) are spreading toxins around our   world on a daily basis; these toxins affect our environmental resources such as air, water and, soil. Slowly, our   ecosystem  is being brought down by the impending danger of pollutants. These problems require immediate scientific   attention to find an appropriate and cost effective solution.

 Across the African continent and in the developing countries, most provisions of laws and regulations on pollution   measures are no longer effective enough to cope with modern, sophisticated and dynamic of environment development   and sustainability.
  Would people care more about the environment if they had a better understanding of how it affects them personally? No   doubt many of the ways we harm our environment come back to haunt us in the form of sickness and death. The   realization that the pesticide-laced foods we eat, the smokestack-befouled air we breathe and the petrochemical-based     products we use negatively affect our quality of life is a big part of the reason so many people have “gone green” in   recent years.

Effects of climate change

Limiting Human Impact on the Environment
Our goal for society is to protect the citizen’s health, management of natural resources, the balancing of ecosystem, issues of adequate and inadequate compensation of pollution victims and the challenges of political and socio-economic consideration. Our Mission: The mission of the CCAECI is to help communities affected by Environmental Pollution to secure adequate protection and health support to enhance their lives. To research in policy review framework and implementation programs of our Environment