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Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative is to help communities affected by Environmental Pollution to secure adequate protection and health support to enhance their lives. To research in policy review framework and implementation programs of our Environment.
We are a young organization with a mission to tackle a global problem of an unprecedented scale. What we are aiming for is not easy, and we know we need to push the limits of current technological boundaries to reach our goals. We are passionate about creating awesome things, and believe that through optimism, perseverance and ingenuity we will succeed.

We are recruiting a diverse team of bright, high-performing people, who feel comfortable going off the beaten path, and who perceive setbacks merely as necessary obstacles to be taken on the route to great and lasting achievement.


Within Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative we are in constant need of voluntary help in all fields of work, varying from engineering, to finance, communications and all other issues we come up with. Due to challenges of the project and the constant changing needs, we encourage everybody to register as volunteer.


First of all, we are looking for dedicated people with a passion for environment. Because of the innovative background of this project we are looking for the most talented and dedicated people for our organization. We often need help in all areas of expertise, so if you want to help in any way, please fill out the application form and let us know you are available.


By registering as a volunteer, you offer your expertise and time on a voluntary base to Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative. To make sure we can match your offer with our specific needs, we kindly ask you to fill out the application form.

We will save your data in our database and contact you as soon as we are in need of people with your specific expertise. We may then ask you to provide further information, such as a resume. If you want us to remove your personal details, please send an email to hr@ccaeci.org


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