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                                                                                         WASTE MANAGEMENT

Proposed Ocean Clean-up (across Lagoon and beaches in Lagos). This proposed project is still pending due to a lack of funds to address the huge environmental problem of plastics and other waste in our ocean. Funding to buy the desired equipment to clean up the lakes, beaches, etc. within Lagos state and its environs have been pending for a while now.

Our commitment towards healthy, clean, and well-managed oceans is not new and it is a global call. It is a strategy for economic growth, global security, and, most recently, good ocean governance, as well as its steady advances in sustainable fishing, marine spatial planning, and renewable energy, will fit perfectly into the future and possibly induce commitments in others.

“Forests are our planet’s green lung, but oceans are its blue heart. It is now up to all of us to keep this blue heart beating.” KARMENU VELLA. European Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs, and Fisheries.
For more detail inquires on this proposed project mail us at info@ccaeci.org



This project is designed to promote environmental protection in schools, etc. and it is currently in progress. We have designed a handbook on how to run the programs in schools.

The always growing population and varying lifestyles are contributing a great role tremendously increasing environmental problems globally. Voluntary school Eco-clubs are the best ways of teaching the young about environmental issues and creating possible ways of solving them. Preface:
Opportunities for learning exist everywhere. The Green scholar project compiled handbooks are an attempt at showing some ways in which these opportunities can be made use

What is Green Scholar Project?
Most young people care deeply about environmental issues and wish to make a positive change to the environment around them. The Green-Scholar project provides an ideal way for fostering environmental awareness in the entire school in a way that links too many curriculum subjects.

Green Scholar Objective

  • To help students identify drivers of environmental pollution and how to curb the impact.
  • To develop innovative and sustainable strategies to solve climate change problems.
  • To develop and cultivate global environment concern in students and the need to help manage earth resources.
  • To increase knowledge of the environment and climate change among young people
  • To create environmental cleanliness culture and establish aesthetic value appreciation for the next generation.
  • For more inquiry. Email us: info@ccaeci.org


This program is ongoing. The goal is to promote CONSISTENCY: Standardizations, Messaging, and Education regarding plastics and waste labeling. Call for ‘One message, one story, one system in managing waste. We have internationally recognized signs for road safety.
We need similar signs on bins. This is a need for an international ‘language’ and understood by anyone, anywhere” Make it easy for people to recycle and recycle properly… everywhere.
Please email for more details: info@ccaeci.org

Proposed Business Plan. WASTE-TO-WEALTH RECYCLING Creating a green waste-free environment. Project Initiator: Okeoghene Ikule

Mr. Okeoghene Ikule is a young entrepreneur whose proposed project is to convert waste to fuel. Interested in this innovative idea, please email for more details: info@ccaeci.org

Community Grassroots Campaign Initiative.

Take Part / Bring Change:

Participatory Urban Environmental Clean-up is a youth exchange program that explores modern ways of civic engagement in Nigerian cities with a particular focus on tools of community action.

The program focuses on grassroots activism in the urban context that responds to the global environmental clean-up challenges as well as to the local practical concerns.

The grassroots under scrutiny employ various methods to participate in the decision-making processes in the cities such as waste management, beach clean-up, tree planting, inclusive planning, and public awareness but all of them are united by one common idea of the possibility to change the environment by small-scale efforts.

Thus, Take Part / Bring Change proposes the participants to look at the successful cases of bottom-up urban initiatives across the globe and initiate ideas and apply acquired skills and knowledge in the work with local communities, creation of short videos, and organization of public awareness campaign.

Areas of Action

  • Marine Protected areas
  • Climate change
  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Marine pollution
  • Industrial pollution
  • Deforestation
  • Littering
  • Tree Planting, etc.

Lagos State Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Clean Climate And Environment Campaign Initiative gave approval to Address issues on Bullying and other forms of intolerance within the 6(Six) Educational District I-IV.

The program is ongoing; partners and interested people should please contact us at: info@ccaeci.org