What We Do

Clean Climate and Environment Campaign Initiative policy, etc. areas of interest include (but are not confined to):

Energy (Energy Efficiency, Energy Research, Renewable Energy Technologies, Energy Management Strategies, Petroleum Waste Management, Energy Policy and Legal Framework)

Water (Water Research Engineering, Biological Treatment of Waste Water, Water Quality Engineering/Modelling/Control, Water Treatment Strategies, Water Policy and Legal Framework)

Pollution (Atmospheric/Soil Pollution, Research, Cleaner Production, Natural Methods of Controlling Pollution, Climate Change, Waste and recycling, Techno-economic Evaluation, Pollution policy and legal Framework)

Waste (Waste/E-Waste Research Engineering, Biological Treatment of Waste, Waste Quality Engineering/Modelling/Control, Waste Treatment Strategies, Waste Policy and Legal Framework)

Food Security (Sustainable Agricultural Research, Prevention/treatment of infected Agricultural products, Chemical Fertilizers, Pesticides, Soil depletion or degradation, Water resources soil Pollution policy and legal Framework)

Environmental and Disaster Management (risk Reduction, focusing on pre-disaster prevention and mitigation, Environmental Emergencies)

Health (Sustainable Environmental Health Research, prevention/treatment of causes of environment-related diseases to Humans, Health policy and legal Framework)