Marine Litter

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Our commitment towards healthy, clean and well-managed oceans is not new and it is a global call. It is a strategy for economic growth, global security and, most recently, good ocean governance, as well as its steady advances in sustainable fishing, marine spatial planning and renewable energy, will fit perfectly into the future and possibly induce commitments in others.
One of the side projects already planned locally has been designed for schools and will invite teens and youths aged 10 to 35 to engage with what they can do to protect the oceans.
Public advocacy is indeed the backbone of the “CCAECI”. The global community understands the importance of oceans for human life and expects results. One of the objectives of CCAECI is to achieve but surely, a healthier oceans.
One effort that will prove central to taking care of our ocean’s welfare will be the CCAECI campaign on marine litter, a major theme of the School project, to be launched this year. With an estimated 10 million tons of plastic entering the seas every year, and everything from food chains to natural habitats being adversely affected, this issue needs every ounce of our resolution and creativity to help clean up our seas.
It is our pleas please come join us at Clean Climate and Environment Campaign Initiative. CCAECI
Clifford Edevbie

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